Theoretical seminar topics

Languages: German, English

"Back from the Future":
Motivation: Identify your talents, develop your creativity, the power of the subconscious, time management

Consolidation of your personal strengths, Awareness of your system of values, Result orientation and action orientation, communication, conflict management, networks

Team Management:
Working with emotional competence, 6 different styles of team management – when and how to use. Promoting individual talent. Create "Teamwork" Mastering changes. Team Motivation

Service Marketing:
Create the possible service – not just offer the expected service. Importance of "positioning", Imbedding each team member in the process of marketing.

Consulting & Retail:
Importance of a qualified consultation for retail. Sales techniques. Create the environment for a successful retail business.

Train the Trainer I:
Knowledge of "professional education", Guidelines for a trainer Assessment conversation, Knowledge – check tools, Personality of a trainer, How to effectively create training programs.

Train the Trainer II:
Preparing and conducting a presentation, presentation techniques, preparing and conducting a team meeting, Use of presentation and teaching media.

Benefits for hairdresser and salons:
Support with team management and team motivation.
Creating a positive atmosphere of work.
Coaching to build and to secure image and quality standards.

Benefits for hairdressing schools, academies and manufacturers:
Expansion of the seminar portfolio by external programs, trainer and speaker.
Accessing additional capacities when needed

Duration: 1 day

Trainer Michael Jung
1 day seminar
Travel time
Travel cost and expenses

mijun– partner in education individually plans and co-ordinates the seminar upon request.

Price for one day:all inclusive
1.550 Euro (plus VAT.)

Prices are calculated for events in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland. Requests from other countries will be calculated with the individual traveling times and costs.