12 years of experience in the hair industry has taught us a lot about decision making and buying behaviour of hairdressers as well as of end- consumers.
We educate national and international sales teams with the core objective to build relationships and partnership between hairdresser and manufacturer.

Hair cosmetics - from hair care to styling, from perm to colour – work with a simple formula:
  • High quality standard
  • Up-to-date appearance reflecting consumer style
  • A clear customer benefit
  • Competent consulting and correct product usage
  • A solution-oriented consultant
mijun conceives training programs and conducts seminars and coachings for manufacturers to target:
  • conviction and identification with the brand
  • easy and successful consultation
  • correct product usage
  • team and customer satisfaction
  • retail and entrepreneurial success
Here youŽll find an example

mijun creates digital training programs. Therefore it is easy to keep them up-to-date at all times.
  • Multi-media elements
  • Economical re-production
  • Easy to translate into any language
  • Easy modification to adopt to individual national product ranges
  • Fast up-dating when expanding or clearing-up a range.
  • Numerous documentation possibilities
Color seminar: "Class of Color"
Theoretical know-how of the hair structure, products, correct diagnosis, formulation and usage of the numerous coloration products.

Academy Program Kadus "Class of Color"

Visualization: action of ingredients

"Step-by-Step" Veranschaulichung der Produktanwendung

Imunal hair care as a total care concept. Product benefits and correct usage.

Clear positioning of the styling range "Slalom". Structured overview of the line, explaining usage and identifying product benefits.