Demo & Hands on
Technical seminars

Languages: German, English, French, Greek, Italian

Colour Basics
Colour-theory , - diagnosis, - formulations. Application techniques for classic re-growth and first time colorations, soft coloration, toning. Basic high-lightening techniques

Colour Works
Advanced Colour - and high-lightening techniques doable, economical, effective.

Cut Basics
Basic cutting techniques and terminology, ClassicBob, GraduatedBob, BasicShape, HeadShape, LonghairVariation

Cut Works
Advanced cutting course. Latest trends and creative techniques.

Perm Basics
Theory about hair structure and products. Wrapping and application techniques. Hands-on training on mannequins and models

Perm Works
Advanced perming course Latest trends and creative techniques for re-texturizing services

Style Classics
Classic styling techniques: Pin curls, finger waving, setting, blow drying. Correct usage of tools, s.a. blow dryer, brushes, curly and straightening iron, product knowledge and usage.

Style Works
For everyone who wants to advance his classic styling techniques into creative, modern creations.

Long hair Basics
Basic and classic long hair techniques, s.a. chignons, netting, usage of hair pieces and accessories.

Long Hair Avantgarde
Advanced long hair course. Latest trends and creative techniques for long hair variations.

Benefits for stylists and salons:
Optimal and purposeful education in all fields of hairdressing.
Education for all levels of hairdressing. From basics to advanced.
Additional capacities when needed.

Benefits for hairdressing schools, academies and manufacturers:
Expansion of your own seminar portfolio with external programs, trainer and speakers.
Additional capacities when needed.

Duration of the seminar: 2 Days

1 mijun trainer
2 days of seminar
Travelling time and cost

mijun partner in education will plan and co-ordinate the seminar individually upon request.

Price for 2 days: all inclusive
1.790 Euro   (plus VAT)

Prices are calculated for events in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland. Requests from other countries will be calculated with the individual traveling times and costs.