mijun  - Partner in Education
Especially in Asia travelers meet a extraordinary kind of hospitality: While one poses a question the host will nod and say "(kae:n du)". By doing so, he commits to any effort necessary to fulfill the request, although at this time he does not know whether and how it can be achieved.

This feeling is what we want to deliver to you also. When addressing mijun with questions and challenges you can be sure to be listened to, to be understood and that your satisfaction is the primary objective of our work.

Due to our own continuous education and our international network of experts in the various areas of the hair industry we believe ourselves capable of fulfilling your demands:
  • Your demand of renewing your motivation and of building your know-how through education.
  • Your demand for leadership through innovation and custom-tailored concepts for seminars, events and business plans.
  • Your demand for easy access to up-to-date information and extensive know-how.
mijun, cause we´re your partner in education