CBT - Computer based Training
mijun  has developed a unique interactive training program on "How to build your color business" , which has been introduced to the German market by a silent launch in February 2004. This training program visualizes all coloration methods in numerous case studies - colorations from direct pigmentation to color corrections.


The important steps to be taken for successful coloration are documented by before, step-by-step and after images of 46 different color cases.

Computer based training is a training method for self-studying with a higher efficiency than regular classroom training.


Advantages of CBT for entreprenneurs:
  • Industry Know How in the salon - independant from trainer, place, time and models
  • Endless number of students can be trained with a common standard (..fluctuation)
  • Cost- and learning efficient
  • Know How check through test module and certification
  • Training standard - quality management
  • Training media of the future
  • Business building (new clients; more color services, more care services, increased retail)
  • Image (color competence)
Advantages of CBT for students, stylists, educator:
  • Easy to handle
  • Comprehensive, entertaining, interesting, motivating
  • Unconscious learning, efficient with fun
  • At any time, individual lessons, endless repeating
  • Know How presented for "theoretician" und "practitioner"
  • Visual, auditiv, interactiv
  • Business and status building
  • After using CBT, a trainee knows how to analyse hair, how to consult clients, how formulations are mixed and applied succesfully.
  • Educators are using the most professional training media in industry and salon education
  • A salon is strategically building his color services up to 80 % through increased service quality